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Old Fort Press will be taking submissions during the month of May.

How to submit
  • Please DO NOT send a Query letter. Publishing a book should be fun, not stressful. Spend your time writing fiction, instead. Send a simple e-mail to

  • Attach a completed outline OR your table of contents with a one sentence explanation of each chapter.

  • Include in the body of your e-mail any two consecutive chapters from your novel

  • Manuscripts must have a word count between 60,000 and 100,000 words.


What is OFP looking for?

Old Fort Press publishes Fiction. All types of Fiction are accepted, but we are drawn to Family Sagas and Semi-clean Romance (closed door only).

In addition to your written work, we are looking for authors with a unique voice and strong character, writers who are team players and aren't afraid to ask for help. 


What happens next?

You will receive a reply within six weeks. If we feel that your submission is in line with OFP, we will then ask for a phone interview.

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